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Cloud to the Nth Degree

This is my blog about my real world travels in SharePoint, SQL and general cloud Architecture and design. I like to see how far I can push Sharepoint, molding it to a solution that fits my needs, from small shop deployments to enterprise engagements.

One thing to understand is I am a 'research first' person not an 'ask first' person. I have found fixes to many of the major issues I have faced by researching them on the web.. Reading different blogs and support sites to find the closest article to my exact issue has been helpful also. Several of my posts will be links to the source of the fix I used. I feel these people should have the credit for the effort they put into posting the fixes in the first place. I will also be posting a lot of my own takes on different fixes or other solutions I have found and different techniques I have used.

One of the mindsets I have is I like to use Microsoft 365 as a Platform, with Sharepoint being the main 'anchor'. The power of Microsoft 365 can be used to host many different sites and systems that are built on out of the box functionality as well as a plethora of items that are a bit more custom. There are a few things that the SharePoint is not always the best solution for. I will be posting about them as well. Please feel free to send me any questions (or corrections) on what you find here.

Thanks, Brian

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