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Additional Service Offerings by Loring IT

1. implementation & Administration

With's Work OS, teams can create any workflow to manage various business process requirements including Marketing, CRM, HR, Software development, Construction, Video Production, and more. LoringIT can help you implement a new solution or manage and streamline your landscape.

2. RedGate SQL Implementation & Management

Loring IT can show you how Redgate Software can help solve the complex challenges of database management across the DevOps lifecycle on any database, any platform, anywhere.

3. Project Management

LoringIT specializes in Agile Project Management Methodology. Solid Project Management can help your organization:

  • Manage Budgets and Timelines.

  • Improve Productivity and Overall Quality of Work.

  • Identify and Mitigate Project Risks.

  • Improve Relationships With Stakeholders.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction.

  • Gain a Competitive Advantage.

4. Expensify Implementation & Administration

5. Quickbooks Online Implementation & Management Work OS 

LoringIT can help you implement a new solution or manage and streamline your existing landscape.  This will let your organization leverage a utility to let you create any workflow to manage a variety of needs.

Redgate SQL Mangement Software

Redgate offers end-to-end Database DevOps to help organizations streamline software development and get value from their data faster.

PROJECT Management

From Agile to Watefall Loring IT can help you create an effective Project Management Team or manage your project for you

EVEN More With Loring IT

Loring IT can further revolutionize your business efficiency and productivity with our M365 Administration, SharePoint Services, and Azure services. 

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