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O365 Consulting & System Administration/Operations Services


Why Choose Loring IT?

1. Customer Satisfaction

Guaranteed! Loring IT is proud of our customer service record.  This includes maintenance and monitoring oversight, SQL tuning, troubleshooting patching, governance, and performance management. 

2. Cost Effective

Loring IT optimizes key financials like budgeting/expenses, capacity planning, and supply chain logistics. Our expert understanding allows us to pinpoint the best services at the most efficient cost for your organization.

3. Training & Support

Loring IT understands how important it is to provide guidance as less tech-savvy employees build their skills. Our training empowers your employees to learn and do more. Post-implementation support is available for issues that may arise. 

Custom 0365 solutions

Loring IT ensures that you will have 24/7 access wherever your team is located with maximum ROI.  Office 365 is a powerful collaboration tool for companies and organizations of all sizes and needs.

o365 cloud migrations & Deployments

Loring IT ensures that all migrations are completed securely, with no disruptions. Our carefully planned and executed process securely migrates all of your contacts, emails, calendars, and data.

Loring IT expertly consults and provides practical, functional solutions for ALL, regardless of company size, needs, or type of migration and deployment desired.

0365 managed services

Loring IT can provide expert consultation to understand your organization’s strategic plans and goals. This aids our decision process in which services (such as PowerApps and Teams) need to be implemented for your specific needs.

More With Loring IT

Loring IT can further revolutionize your business efficiency and productivity with our Process Automation and Engineering, SharePoint, and SQL services. 

Trusted Partners & Affiliates

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