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Architecture & Administration

SQL Consulting Services

Loring IT SQL architecture and administration can revolutionize your business processes with our expertise. SQL saves your employees hundreds of hours of work, which helps businesses avoid crippling expenses. 

Our Services Include:

  • 24/7 On-Call Assistance

  • SQL Server Development and Database Administration

  • Regular Maintenance, Upgrades, and Health Checks

  • BI Integration

  • Optimization of Applications like SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics

At Loring IT SQL consulting, we aim to provide you with maximum Return on Investment. With this service, your employees will be empowered to make collaborative, informed decisions about your business data! 

SQL Server Experts

Loring IT maximizes your database’s speed and reliability by configuring SQL cluster technologies with identical nodes!  This “mirroring” effect will improve the failover rate of the server, while also allowing SQL access for your SMB or Enterprise.   We can also upgrade SQL to multi-node clusters and hybrid/cloud solutions. 


We make easy what is normally an arduous task: migrating from your legacy server to a more effective, current version of SQL.

Functional Solutions for your needs

Loring IT’s software developers are experts with Microsoft’s SQL platform, optimizing applications like SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics. 

Searching and pulling up relevant data, such as KPI’s, from your database has never been quicker, smoother, and more efficient. 

 Loring IT can also set up SharePoint to allow the easiest, most complete file access system on the market.  


Loring IT is always on call for all of your SQL needs; patching and debugging any issues so your system performs without incidence.

We carefully plan and execute systematic SQL updates, upgrades and migrations; minimizing lost time and unexpected issues. 

More with Loring IT

Loring IT can further revolutionize your business efficiency and productivity with our System Administration and Operations, SharePoint and Process Automation services. 

Trusted Partners/Affiliates

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